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From Twitter 07-29-2009

  • 08:27:02: I found out that in the line of duty, I was exposed to H1N1 consistently over a 12 hour period last week. I am asymptomatic, and uninfected.
  • 08:27:31: That means one of 2 things: 1. I have a helluva good immune system, or, 2. I have really good infection control techniques.
  • 08:28:41: People: It is on the rise. Wash your hands, practice good hygiene, and consider social distancing.
  • 08:56:59: @OTA_OMI My FAVORITE thing to do when no one else is here is to write naked. Strange, yes, but I'm more creative when unhindered by clothes.
  • 08:58:47: @katelanfoisy I like to place LARGE amounts of rum in all my beverages so it tastes like I'm drinking . . . R-U-M!
  • 08:59:47: @katelanfoisy Remember: when I die, I want the picture of you and me drinking straight from the rum bottles on everyone's bovedas.
  • 09:00:13: @katelanfoisy And, by the way, that's a note to ALL my godchildren on twitter.
  • 09:01:17: @katelanfoisy And I expect a bottle of rum in front of the egun shrine. Have an ota just for me, and spray it with rum every day. Lots!
  • 09:14:25: @pikedagger1868 Well, you know I've ONLY got another 200 good years left after the pact I made with Lukancase . . . so I have to plan ahead.
  • 09:35:14: @katelanfoisy John is freaked out that I'm talking about DYING. Why does death freak people out so much, especially in our faith?
  • 09:35:45: @katelanfoisy If you believe the soul is eternal, and if you believe in the orishas and Olodumare, why would anyone be afraid?
  • 09:36:19: @katelanfoisy Sometimes I think the people who SAY they believe really don't believe in anything spiritual, and that's sad.
  • 09:43:18: @pikedagger1868 Oh please man! I just got a clean bill of health at my latest physical. Unless Obatala calls me home, I ain't going nowhere
  • 09:44:27: @pikedagger1868 Plus . . . when I update my will in January, all my CROWNED godchildren inherit my 45 gigs of odu, ebo, and orisha notes!
  • 09:45:19: @pikedagger1868 So y'all will have plenty of stuff to keep you informed even if I'm not around. Remind me to give you a copy of my bank key
  • 09:45:53: @pikedagger1868 after I do ocha. I keep a hard drive backup there in case of catastrophic failure!
  • 09:46:30: @pikedagger1868 and weren't you going to work or something? Get moving!
  • 09:47:41: @pikedagger1868 Likewise. You are one of three people in the entire world who has never done anything to hurt me. And I've known you forever
  • 09:48:18: @pikedagger1868 Those three people are Lena (21 years and still friends), you (almost 12 years), and my godfather.
  • 09:48:54: @pikedagger1868 Most people only have ONE true, lifelong friend. I have three that I've known since dirt was made!
  • 09:49:43: @katelanfoisy Then I will probably LIVE in your house!
  • 17:06:07: I am sitting here answering email when I should be getting ready for work.

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