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From Twitter 08-01-2009

  • 00:28:57: Working on submission guidelines for litdotorg's literary magazine, set to launch in January 2010. Lots of work to do.
  • 00:31:38: Details (scant) here: http://bit.ly/1cFkIw
    Full details in the September issue. I'm SO excited!
  • 03:15:31: @katelanfoisy I will get your blog coded into the front page tomorrow. Send me an email or PM to remind me.
  • 03:17:12: @katelanfoisy Tomorrow night, I want to talk to you about some magazine related things!
  • 10:07:27: I bought plane tickets for NY in 2 weeks. And planning for a 5 day weekend at the beach this month. Yemaya -- here I come!
  • 10:07:58: Now, to work on a short story or two . . . after a nice little break!
  • 12:22:28: I have been writing about Orishaoko all morning (for my private notes, not publication). Now, I'm off to walk the dog!
  • 13:27:19: @pikedagger1868 You're too dramatic to be forgotten!
  • 13:28:16: @pikedagger1868 Really? With your Catholic sensibilities, it's a wonder you haven't set up a shrine to Saint Isidore the Farmer!
  • 13:29:19: There are such big things in the works behind the scenes at http://www.lit.org. If you're a writer and not a member, why?
  • 13:30:10: @WritingSpirit We'd love to see you at http://www.lit.org. It's my website!

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