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From Twitter 08-02-2009

  • 03:36:18: @OTA_OMI Let me know if lit's navigation confuses you. It's intuitive once ou get the hang. @chrispian was a genius when he coded it.
  • 03:37:39: Tonight I discovered, again, that I have the most wonderful godchildren. Without being asked, they offered to babysit Mio when I'm at work.
  • 03:38:12: And, they offered to watch him and house sit for me when I'm in NY. And by the way -- I will be in NY at least once each month.
  • 03:39:24: I'm so thankful to the orishas that they are bringing godchildren into my life that help me as much as I help them. I feel . . . loved . . .
  • 03:40:28: @katelanfoisy I love you.
  • 03:41:13: @itsdamamma I love you. I miss you. I really do.
  • 03:41:49: @amandakcampbell I love you, Mrs Campbell, even though you never come see me anymore :(
  • 03:42:57: @pikedagger1868 I love you, John, even though your feet are dirty from working like a slave in the fields all day. Now go wipe your feet.
  • 03:43:33: @dezisloan I even love YOU . . . just because you let me spy on your private life in livejournal. You're quite interesting!
  • 03:44:06: @chrispian I love you for your geek brain!
  • 03:44:43: @OTA_OMI I love you even though you've worked my nerves oh so many times! You're just too damn cute.
  • 03:45:21: @LinnieRed I love you because you're letting me help you become one helluva columnist. You have so much talent, lady. Truly. Don't stop.
  • 03:45:59: @Cynthia410 I love you for your sexy body!
  • 03:46:37: @WritingSpirit Hell, I don't know you but I love you because you're so inspirational!
  • 03:47:27: @Ochemeji I love you guys because you're so pretty together.
  • 03:47:55: And that's enough love from ME. We'll see how much of it I get back in return tomorrow.
  • 03:49:23: @Okandekun Oh -- and even though you made me mad once, I still love you. You're just too pretty to stay mad at . . . and smart as hell!
  • 03:50:02: And don't ask me where all that love came from. I was just . . . in the moment. Goodnight everyone.
  • 03:52:17: @katelanfoisy Yes. I want to learn from your mistakes and conquests. You have a lot to teach me about magazine publishing. I have 2 to start
  • 06:20:21: My Daily Twittascope - Today may be quite a journey for you as you begin to reclaim your power. But this isn't abou... http://bit.ly/YAdyK
  • 09:00:26: I'm awake. I have my coffee. I'm still sleepy. I'm going back to bed.
  • 10:45:17: I'm awake (again). I have coffee (again). I'm still sleepy (ugh). I'm going to do some writing about Orishaoko.
  • 18:03:05: Homemade eggdrop soup. 2 pans of butter-baked chicken in oven. Beans and rice. Rum and coke. Godchildren on the way. Life is good.
  • 18:03:50: @OTA_OMI Trust me . . . I got more words coming out of my mouth than anyone wants to hear these days!
  • 18:04:24: @amandakcampbell Too bad. I made butter-baked chicken. You know . . . that awesome recipe I created that everyone wants and no one gets!
  • 18:04:55: @amandakcampbell Last month to get Orishaoko and Korinkoto. This month for godfather's birthday.
  • 18:05:38: @amandakcampbell And next month because you-know-who presents you-know-what to do you-know-what in you-know-when. I'm gonna be a daddy!
  • 18:14:17: I keep getting invitations to joing both spiritual and writing communities. My blogs and lit.org keep me busier than I care to be. <sigh>
  • 18:14:27: I need more hours in the day!

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