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From Twitter 08-05-2009

  • 06:23:59: My Daily Twittascope - You can become so analytical now that you miss the emotional warmth coming your way. The wir... http://bit.ly/YAdyK
  • 07:37:40: I am awake and ready to start my day of writing . . . and housework.
  • 10:29:29: @WeberBooks Writers, like lamp posts, were made to get pee'd on!
  • 12:17:36: . . . . deeper and deeper opens the hole . . . and curious and curiouser I watch events unfold . . . strange how thngs happen . . .
  • 15:51:26: Obama as the Joker? That freaks me out. I posted about it in my blog: ochanilele.livejournal.com and http://ochanilele.lit.org/wordpress
  • 15:52:54: I remember reading, as a child, an old Batman comic belonging to one of my uncles. In it, Joker was assasinating political figures in
  • 15:53:21: Gotham City. Before each assasination, pictures were showing up in Gotham of that figure painted as the Joker.
  • 15:53:47: Surely I can't be the ONLY person who remembers this -- unless my childhood memory is wrong? Which makes me wonder . . . what's up?
  • 16:42:42: @katelanfoisy Can you cross-tweet this? Surely there has to be someone else out here in twitterland that remembers that plot?
  • 16:43:34: I had the entire day with nothing to do and got nothing done. What's wrong with me? Non productive days are so unlike me. Aaarghghghg!
  • 16:43:53: I'll get some WORK done on my day off if it kills me!
  • 18:42:48: @pikedagger1868 Just found this: http://bit.ly/12BVuV

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