ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

An Open Invitation to Litdotorg Members

Hi Everyone:

As always, I’m brainstorming ways to increase litdotorg’s visibility in the community. Most websites are using social networking as a way to increase web-presence, and I’m thinking that maybe our website needs to do the same.

Unfortunately, my time is limited. I work 4 twelve hour shifts each week in the hospital. I am an active writer with a book forthcoming and a lot of manuscripts I’m juggling. I’m editing/coordinating Majestic, our monthly newsletter. I’m brainstorming and planning to get our very own literary magazine off the ground which, by the way, will be named Litdotorg: the Literary Magazine (unless something better comes along!). I’m administrating this site on a daily basis. I’m also mentoring a few litdotorg writers who are peddling their manuscripts (some of which are brilliant) to publishers. In short – I’m overwhelmed, and have reached the limit of what I can do alone.

To move us into the new millennium, I need help. One to three volunteers who have an hour or so each week to devote to social networking would do a lot to increase our visibility in the community!

Specifically, I would like litdotorg to have presence on the following social networking sites: myspace, facebook, and twitter.

I envision the twitter networking to announce new submissions by authors and writers on a daily basis. I envision facebook and myspace to be information gathering sites to keep hardcore members and casual members informed of all the wonderful things we are doing in the community. And I hope those avenues increase our standing as both a community of writers and a family of writers!

Also, I would love to find someone who could code a professional appearing homepage for our upcoming literary magazine. So, if anyone is really HTML and PHP literate, I could use your help!

As a side-note: For those who need it, if the efforts and outputs are professional in scope and practice, I would be more than willing and able to give you a professional reference to include on a resume. Who couldn’t use another professional reference on his or her resume in this day and age?

In closing: I do care about this site, and the writers on it, and in my heart I want this to be the most active, useful site for writers and writing on the web. Those of you who belong to other writing sites might notice absent owners with no vision for growth, and that, definitely, is not me. When I first put my pen to paper, I had no one to guide me, no one to encourage me, and my goal with all this is to provide a safe haven for writers to experiment, develop, and grow in whatever fashions they choose. But, I can’t do it alone. I need your help.

This is YOUR community. If you have the time and energy to get involved, please volunteer!

Thanks for making this your home on the web!

Ócháni Lele

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