ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

From Twitter 08-08-2009

  • 07:16:17: My Daily Twittascope - Your interactions with others can become overly complicated today, especially if they aren't... http://bit.ly/YAdyK
  • 13:44:34: amazon.com groceries delivered in less that 24 hours by UPS. Fabulous! Life just got easier.
  • 13:45:27: Outlook 2007 up and running. Email, calendar, contacts, etc, sync'd between google calendar, desktop, and pda. Netbook next.
  • 13:45:37: I am so organized now I can't stand myself.
  • 14:25:56: @dezisloan Men will be . . . pigs!
  • 14:29:03: @katelanfoisy This might be helpful: http://bit.ly/4CUQYR
  • 16:44:38: @ chrispian Disregard panic email . . . I figured out how to change passwords all on my own. Someone has been naughty!

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