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From Twitter 08-10-2009

  • 02:53:40: Brainstorming for the litdotorg mag and the Lucumi mag when I should be working. I need more hours in the day!
  • 07:59:13: "In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is King."
  • 10:07:47: I got a lot of work done at *work* last night, and even more here at home. Time for bed.
  • 21:36:09: Last night at work, I had a conversation with a santera about "God." She bases her God-beliefs on Catholicism.
  • 21:36:39: It made me want to study my own notes on God in Lucumi belief; and that led me to concepts of Ori. I'm taking notes to write a blog.
  • 21:36:56: And notes to give my godchildren a coherent paper on Lucumi beliefs regarding Olodumare.
  • 21:37:51: I'm wondering if any other priests or priestesses out here have given any coherent thought to the concept of God themselves?
  • 21:38:15: Email me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share about Olofin, Olorun, and Olodumare; and, about ori for that matter!
  • 21:38:52: bstuartmyers AT gmail DOT com (got to avoid the harvest bots!)

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