ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

From Twitter 08-12-2009

  • 00:02:40: Mio takes care of his cat the way I take care of him. I clean out his ears; he cleans out her ears; I give him a bath, he gives her a bath.
  • 00:03:05: Now if only he'd change his cat's litter box, I'd be happy.
  • 00:04:22: I got Shiva back in the house for 5 minutes today. She went ballistic, and did everything she could to get back outside. Very strange.
  • 12:22:39: Wake up. Drink crystal light. Read. Write. Translate. Study. Write some more. And now, back to bed. Work the next two nights.
  • 21:27:45: At work wasting time.


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