ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

From Twitter 08-15-2009

  • 03:46:36: I just woke up. My goddaughter just came over to wake me up. All my alarms just went off to wake me up. I just want to go back to bed.
  • 05:17:53: Waiting for my cab. Godchildren are staying at my house. I'm off to NY!
  • 06:40:39: You may be persuaded by others that you are doing the right th... More for Virgo http://bit.ly/YAdyK
  • 07:14:46: At the airport surfing with my hp-mini. It's COLD in here!
  • 08:23:21: I am on the airplane . . . finally . . . am I there yet/
  • 08:24:57: @Ochemeji Your dog is gorgeous!
  • 11:44:11: At JFK. Got my bags. Waiting on my godfather. Life is good.
  • 13:40:42: At my godfather's house. I'm meeting some fabulous new people today who I've only met online before.
  • 23:35:24: @pikedagger1868 Woohoo! My first baby!

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