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Four Seasons Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Four Seasons of Litdotorg. Our website, http://www.lit.org, is the internet’s oldest and strongest website for writers and writing, and our new magazine, Four Seasons, is a professional extension of that site. Our goal is to promote and publish the newest, hottest rising stars of the literary scene, and we are happy that you have chosen to become a part of that.


Our emphasis is on fiction – flash, sci-fi, fantasy, episodic, serial, horror, mystery, speculative – if it’s original, well-written, and fabulous, we want to publish it! We accept a small amount of poetry, and because our magazine is seasonal (published in the winter, spring, summer, and fall) we do accept a small amount of seasonal photography. We do read all submissions, so there is no need to query first. Please send the entire work. You don’t need an agent.


You might find it useful to spend some time on our website, http://www.lit.org, to acquire an eye for the type of fiction and poetry we publish. Of course, being a professional extension of our website, what we publish must be of the highest quality.


Submitting Fiction and Poetry


Length and Style: We prefer that stories not be longer than 12,000 words; and they should, of course, be well written. There is no length restriction for poetry. We require that work be original and unpublished. Prior publication on any website or in any magazine bars publication in our journal. Note that all fiction must be just that: Fiction. And all work must be original. Please do not submit stories based on real-life events or people. No fan fiction is considered or accepted.


Manuscript Requirements: Please send your submissions as an electronic attachment in a Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx). If any other word processing program is used, please send the submission in Rich Text Format (.rtf). If we are unable to open the submission and read it, we are unable to consider it. In the body of the electronic email, please include your name, home address, daytime and evening phone numbers, and pseudonym under which you would like to publish. We do not consider material for publication if all this information is not sent.


Formatting of submissions must be simple. Please include a title page with the author’s name, home address, daytime and evening phone numbers, and pen name or pseudonym under which the piece should be published (if not using given name). Number each page consecutively, including a header giving your legal name and story title. If possible, include the page number both in the header and at the bottom of the page. Please, do not justify the right-hand margin. Use a left hand justify only. Indent for each paragraph. Do not leave 1-line spaces between paragraphs. Please keep a copy of any material submitted, since we cannot be responsible for lost or undelivered email.


Revised versions of a story should be submitted only on our request, as a rule. At the very least, tell us in a cover letter that the story has been submitted before but has been revised, and explain how.


Status queries: We give each submission thorough consideration before responding. Our reply may take three to five months. Please be patient when submitting work. Our review process is thorough, and we need time to make sure that your work fits out publishing schedule.


Please email all submissions to Ócháni Lele (Stuart Myers) at the following email address: ochanilele@gmail.com.


We look forward to working with you!

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