ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

I'm glad November is over and done.

November was a month best described as out of control.

I had swine flu, and was out of work for twelve days. I participated in NaNoWriMo, and finished the month with 54,000 words and half a manuscript. An old friend with whom I had a saga-like reunion ended with that friend’s death, and layoffs swept the workplace. We adopted a new kitten (its mother was feral, and it was born ‘in the wild’) and had an infestation of fleas the pharaohs of Egypt would have envied. There was a fire; there were two floods, and my publisher asked that I rearrange the intro of my new work, and add new material throughout the volume. I did readings. I gave Olokun. I broke a tooth.

Now, the plumbers are here fixing the flood issues; I’m still working on that additional material (it’s due December 8 so production can start), and I still have a broken tooth (the gum has to heal before my dentist can rebuild it).

Through it all, my faith is the only thing keeping me sane and keeping me smiling.

It’s back to work now.
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