ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

Separating my journals

For a long time I have had a journal on my lit.org website: http://ochanilele.lit.org/wordpress. For quite some time, I used that blog to mirror this blog, and then I began writing things in that blog not included here. Finally, I abandoned that blog, and used my live journal blog exclusively while letting that one lie fallow.

It’s time to use that blog again.

I have decided to give each blog a focus. Since lit.org is a website for writers and writing, the lit.org blog is now devoted exclusively to topics pertaining to writers, writing, and the writing lifestyle; and this blog is now devoted exclusively to topics pertaining to the Lucumí faith.

2010 is a year of focus for me, and I’m spending the last few days of this year organizing myself. With the 1001 projects I have before me, organization is the key to my survival.

Just so y’all know!

Ócháni Lele

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