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2009 Folkcuba.com Translation of the Organizing Commission’s Letter of the Year

The following document is the translation provided by Dr. David Brown, Ph.D., of folkcuba.com. I am reprinting it here exactly as I received it in an email from him.

Again, I am doing this for historical reasons. I encourage everyone to make note of this blog for their own personal records.


Ócháni Lele




To the priests of Ifá, our brothers and sisters--the oriatés, babaloshas, iyaloshas, and iworos-- and to the religious public in general.

According to a more than twenty year-old tradition, the Commission Organized for the Sign of the Year gathered this past 31 December, 2008, in the casa-templo located at Avenida 10 de Octubre, # 1509, between Josefina and Gertrudis, Víbora, Municipality 10 de Octubre, Havana, Cuba.

Ifá priest Guillermo Diago Ogbe Weñe presided over the ceremony, which had the support of Ifá priests representing all of the families of Cuba and their descendants throughout the world; the sign was taken out by the youngest Ifá priest.

Reigning Sign: Ofún Nalbe.

Prophecy: The blessing of immunity before danger, through Ogún.

Onishé Ogún:"Work": three doves (1 white, 1 light brown, 1 black), and cane rum (aguardiente).

Onishé ará: Sarayeye (clean your body with a piece of pork covered with palm oil, added to which are smoked fish and bushrat (eyá and ekú) and toasted corn (agbadó).

Reigning Deity: Ogún (patron of iron and the military. Worshipped in the city of Ire and Ilesha in Southwestern Nigeria).

Accompanying Deity: Oyá, goddess of storms and soft winds. Identified with the spirits of the ancestors. She is the deity of the Niger River (Odó Oyá), which receives her name. It is believed that she was the first and favorite wife of Shangó. The tradition tells us that the river was originally formed by the copious tears that she shed upon the death of her husband.
Banner of the year: Green with caramel-brown borders.

Ebó: 1 rooster, 3 Ogún tools, 3 arrows, 3 sticks, and the rest of the ingredients.

The distribution of this document is free and the Commission takes no responsibility for its sale by unscrupulous people interested in making money.

Illnesses to Avert.

- Congenital development problems (put attention on women's pregnancies).
- Intestinal parasites; digestive disorders.-
- Skin diseases.- Stay away from excessive heat.- Skin cancer -
- Women should be vigilant about their menstruation, and look out for internal cysts and tumors.-
- Be careful with abortions and its physical consequences.-
- Disorders in bodily fluids.-

Occurrences of social interest.

- Contamination of potable water.-
- Take precautions against natural disasters of great intensity.-
- The abuse of alcohol and its fatal consequences for health and personal conduct.-
- The danger of war and conflict continues.-
- This sign warns of conflicts between brothers and between parents and children.-
- This sign warns of the danger of environmental contamination due to hygenic failure.-
- This sign calls for respect in the home on the part of both women and men.-


-Be careful of the quality of drinking water in avoiding epidemics.-
- Improve the systems for the conduction of water and the danger of contamination.-
- Make a clean environment a priority.-
- Be careful with conflicts generated by economic issues.-
- Pay attention to the dead in all of their manifestations.-
- Be careful when you speak in order to avoid interpersonal conflict.-
- Be careful with marital infidelity.-
- Do not divulge secrets that have been confided to you.-

Sayings of the Sign

1- The intelligence of a wolf is sufficient to kill a sheep.-
2- No disaster affects the vulture.-
3- A man's dignity will be compared to a child.-
4- Women and money are not your friends.-
5- Make sure your fence is in good condition so that vines don't pull it down.-

The Miguel Febles PadrónCommission for the Sign of the Year
Wishes you a Happy and Prosperous 2009

*Ofún Nalbe came in Iré with two accompanying signs: Ogbe Turá and Ogundá Bedé.

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