ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

Rethinking my Manuscript

I’ve been at work all night doing a one-on-one. My patient is quiet, and that has given me a lot of time to plan and write. After 12 hours of off and on attention to my newest proposal, I’m giving it a new slant.

Originally, How the Moon Fooled the Sun – A Collection of Lucumí Folklore was meant to be a collection of stories that I loved with no unifying theme. As I pull material together, I’m discovering that may not be the best approach to my book. It makes it too haphazard and disjointed.

I’m focusing on something more specific, the natural world. Even my working title makes the reader think it is about nature. The anchor story is titled How the Moon Fooled the Sun, and Saved the Earth. The rest of the stories in this volume should have that same feel and focus. Every one of them needs to be about the natural world.

Of course, as I write them I will catalogue which odu of the diloggún they pair with. That will make the volume more useful to those studying odu and divination, but it won’t bog it down with so much technical material that it would frighten away non Lucumí readers. It will give my work a broader audience.

And, this leaves room for me to write other volumes dealing with things like animals and histories. Later, I can do complete books on each individual orisha.

I might need to brainstorm a new subtitle, but that can wait until the volume is finished.

Hopefully, I’ll have this proposal done by the end of April, and by October, I’ll have a finished manuscript. It will be a lot of work with all the other things I do, but it will be well worth the effort.

Now, back to work!


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