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Working on the Manuscript

I love it when a project comes together.


This week has been the hardest week when it comes to my current project: How the Moon Fooled the Sun: A Collection of Lucumí Folklore from the Diloggún. I’m working on a proposal, not a complete manuscript, at least not yet. Normally, when I write I pen the introduction last. With all the material written, it’s not that hard to introduce. But when writing a proposal, one works off a detailed outline, writes a few sample chapters, writes an introduction and preface, and sends all that material to the publisher for consideration.


Plus, I started this book without a definite plan in mind. When it comes to patakís, well, at least with my last book (coming out August 5th), the book sort of pulled itself together. I started this book with a collection of nice stories brought together haphazardly, and then began to limit them to patakís dealing with nature and the natural world (including animals). So along the way I’ve had dozens of ideas for the introduction in my head, but once I narrowed this book down to the natural world, none of those ideas fit.


Tonight, after hours of slaving away (and ignoring my semester thesis) it all came together. It’s rough, but it’s there. Tomorrow I will write some more, and tomorrow night I’m wrapping it up and sending it to my project editor for her thoughts. Laura is incredible – and she always pulls organization out of chaos with no seeming effort. If my preface and introduction get her approval, then I know I’m on the right track. And if they don’t, I’ll come away from her reading with a firm grasp of how to proceed.


Once this is done, the rest of the work is easy. I love telling stories, and the book will consist of a hundred or so stories, my own retellings of the Lucumí patakís that many of us have already heard . . . plus a few very few know about.


Wish me luck! I’m off to bed. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m sure I’ll wake up fresh with lots of new ideas!


Ócháni Lele

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