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From Twitter 05-30-2010

  • 04:31:31: Normally, you have the ability to focus your thoughts, even wh... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 08:16:12: "Be prepared for changes in the world; things will not always be as we wish." This gem is from the odu Oche Meji (5-5) in the diloggun.
  • 08:23:19: @ChangoBi Why was it an important odu for you?
  • 08:32:52: This is a proverb from Oche Meji that I love: "You will not have tomorrow until today becomes yesterday."
  • 14:51:32: I woke up to some INCREDIBLE thoughts on the odu I've been tweeting. Thanks Louie Love! Now, it's time to do some writing before my shift.
  • 14:54:24: Remember to visit lit.org today! It's a writer's community on the web, the internet's oldest!
  • 14:54:54: And it WOULD be wonderful if we had more Lucumi writers involved on lit.org. It's a wonderful way to improve your writing skills.
  • 15:51:49: I've spent the past hour writing my manuscript "How the Moon Fooled the Sun." In the corpus of 2-6 are a series of patakis about the taming
  • 15:52:36: of the horse and how they helped ancient Oyo rise to power. I was so close to being done with those. 3,000 words of writing. But now that I
  • 15:53:00: read that work, it doesn't fit in as well with the theme of the book as do the stories of the birth of rain and its rise to power in the odu
  • 15:53:30: 2-11. So after more than a week with those, I'm deleting them and working on the rain stories instead.
  • 15:54:08: Write, rewrite, delete, and repeat. Such is the story of my life these days! Who said being a writer was easy?
  • 16:42:09: @LadyYemaya OMG! That's what I did -- I just didn't tweet that. I'm deleting from the manuscript but saving it for future works.
  • 16:48:51: @PaulaAbdul I've neither heard of it nor seen it anywhere. Where did you find it?

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