ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

Of Hugs and Harps

Another crazy Florida storm: Another frantic dog. As the years go by Mio’s noise and separation anxiety gets worse. Almost always it ends with voiding (urine) somewhere horrible. I’ve been at my wit’s end.

Today I tried something new: Harps and Hugs. The evening storm came and Mio went frantic. There was unfocused pacing through the house, continuous panting like he’d run a mile, trembling, and his “bulbus glandis” was swollen to the size of two large almonds. I knew an episode of incontinence was only a few minutes away.

He refused to play and loud music only made him worse; these were the suggestions that my goddaughter Kourtnie gave me. So I tried something different. I put on soft harp music, just loud enough to blend with the storm, and I scooped him up and hugged his entire torso, gently rubbing his belly with one hand. When that wasn’t enough I hugged him close to my body and rested my head on his.

The trembling stopped.

Soon, I brushed his down-below region carefully – the swelling was gone, and that swelling is always a precursor to his urinary incontinence. Only the panting was left.

When the storm eased up to gentle rain, that went away and I had putty, not a dog, in my arms.

Now there’s soft rain and soft harps; and Mio is laying at my feet. The panting is very slow; there is no trembling, and I’m assuming the swelling is still gone. There is no urine on the floor or rug or furniture to clean up.

Better yet – I feel incredibly calm. Harps and Hugs were good for both of us.

But what will happen when I’m away at work all night and he’s in the cage? I might have to ask the vet for a gentle sedative to get both of us through the summer storm season.

Ócháni Lele
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