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From Twitter 06-01-2010

  • 04:30:35: You could temporarily turn into a nerd as you get so excited a... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 07:39:57: I'm working on 2 short stories today from 2-11: The Birth of Rain and The Sickness of the Swamp. Then I have my word count for that chapter.
  • 10:41:07: I got some fantastic work done on my two patakis. Now it's off to the store; and soon, it's time to refresh orishas.
  • 12:39:43: @ChangoBi fuggetaboutit. I have. I'm always behind.
  • 12:47:07: @ishyd2705 How are you doing these days? I haven't talked to you in forever! I hope you're doing well!
  • 14:06:24: The exterminator just left. I didn't want a class in roaches 101. All I wanted was for him to KILL the damn things. Ugh. Just . . . ugh!
  • 22:27:15: The second draft of chapter 2 is done, which means, for now, it's done. I'm on to chapter 3 and the stories of Ogunda.
  • 22:28:11: I'm working on one that is particularly macabre titled "The Leopard and the Cat." Who said that Eleggua was a nice guy? I did! And only
  • 22:28:42: because I don't want a rock falling on MY head (love you, Eleggua). And that story is from the odu Ogunda Odi, 3-7.
  • 22:29:32: OMG. Ogunda Odi! That sign is very important. Y'all have NO idea. I'm staying away from trees . . . and rocks!
  • 23:17:42: RT @katelanfoisy: Daily Om just sent this to my inbox: "We can manifest what we want through affirmations as if we have already obtained ...

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