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From Twitter 06-02-2010

  • 03:15:36: It's 3:15 AM. I've been writing for HOURS today. Time to wrap it up and go to sleep. G'night twitter-bugs.
  • 03:26:01: RT @darrylstephens: I posted some very rough demos of a couple of my songs. You can find them (in the most unlikely place) here...... h ...
  • 03:26:39: @darrylstephens That was YOU singing? I'm amazed. You're multi-talented and soon to be the king of all media. Now if only you wrote . . .
  • 03:27:49: @darrylstephens and you should write, you know. You WERE Noah, after all. From acting a screen writer to writing . . . it would be awesome.
  • 03:34:44: RT @SteveBSanchez: In case u haven't seen the music video I was in, here it is! I'm at the end http://bit.ly/cevzol
  • 03:35:36: @SteveBSanchez I just watched the video. Q is one of my "celebrity crushes" and you were HOT. I put the video up on my facebook!
  • 03:40:09: @SteveBSanchez Would those be the Disney versions or the Brothers Grimm? I LOVE the Brothers Grimm!
  • 04:33:19: Nearly every task that comes your way today is an opportunity ... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 10:48:50: Time for an hour or so of writing. Ogunda Unle . . . here I come.
  • 11:50:45: @ChangoBi about Ogunda Unle? It's fabulous. My favorite part is this: one by one your enemies will beg your forgiveness before they die.
  • 11:51:31: @ChangoBi It's already happened in my life once. Of course it wrecked me for weeks, but, it's true. And odu's words never fall on the floor.
  • 11:52:56: @ChangoBi Ogún da ogbe: Ogun creates the head.
  • 11:53:16: @ChangoBi Ogún da biode: Ogun is like the outside world.
  • 11:54:35: @ChangoBi "If a slave dies only his mother mourns; if a free man dies, all the world mourns, and this is the unjust rule of men." --> 3-8
  • 11:55:35: @ChangoBi Do you retweet my posts? It would be nice if you did (especially the proverbs). It will help my list grow!
  • 11:58:46: If you like my odu tweets, especially the proverbs, please retweet them! It will help me grow my list. Thanks everyone! Much love!
  • 12:11:37: @ChrisBlackmon It's easy. Just roll over, close your eyes, and it's a wrap. Of course for me sleeping in means staying in bed until 7pm!
  • 12:27:02: @ChangoBi Just retweet the proverbs and they'll think, "Oh . . . how pretty."
  • 14:24:13: I'm thinking I would like to do a "blog tour" for my August 15th book. Does anyone keep a blog,and would you like to host me on an interview
  • 14:26:44: @katelanfoisy Hey you! You keep a blog. Can I "use" you as a stop on a blog tour? Email me.
  • 14:33:02: @katelanfoisy That would be PERFECT. Email me Constellations' address and info. I'm putting in it my AQ for I.T.I.
  • 14:58:48: @InnerTraditions How can we NOT praise you. You guys are wonderful, and do incredible work with our books!
  • 16:19:46: @YearInWhite I'm the GODFATHER of scandal and all things scandalous. Me myself I'm really quite sedate! My godchildren? Different story!

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