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From Twitter 06-03-2010

  • 01:20:46: @ChangoBi That's so funny . . but true.
  • 04:26:08: You may be feeling befuddled at work because you aren't sure o... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 08:21:41: @ChangoBi So what is your request today?
  • 08:23:57: "The truth says it is better to stand your ground and die, than to flee." From the odu Unle Irosun. I wish I'd learned that proverb long ago
  • 13:15:12: @writersinthesky It was Yona Deshonnes who sent me your way! But I.T.I. is VERY happy I'm doing it, and I think they're sending you a galley
  • 15:32:46: @YearInWhite I'm so excited about this!
  • 15:32:55: @writersinthesky I'm so excited about this!
  • 16:05:56: @YearInWhite I'm following you like a stalker now!
  • 16:06:33: @YearInWhite Ask me how I get through the day with all I have to do at any given time . . . go ahead . . . ask me!
  • 16:43:32: @YearInWhite rarely. :)
  • 16:48:52: @YearInWhite I know. If I'm not working, I'm writing. If I'm not writing, I'm doing spiritual work. If I'm not doing that, I'm sleeping.
  • 16:49:26: @YearInWhite That's my life: work, write, work, sleep. And repeat. With the occasional vacation thrown in for good measure.
  • 16:51:08: @YearInWhite And are you ready for this? The hospital thinks I have enough free time on my hand to take on additional projects!
  • 16:51:32: @YearInWhite Oh -- school. Don't forget school. I took a six week break though. I'm exhausted.
  • 16:52:10: @YearInWhite I just withdrew from the nurse practice council at work. So NOW they think I have the time to take on something else.
  • 16:52:23: @YearInWhite With all my free time, that is, since I left the NPC.
  • 17:00:44: @ChangoBi I'm almost afraid to ask. But . . . what is it?
  • 17:36:01: @ChangoBi You're kidding? That just seems so . . . well . . . cute!
  • 17:36:36: RT @DeepakChopra: I know I can manifest anything I want in my life when I recognize that life is full of possibilities!

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