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From Twitter 06-06-2010

  • 04:25:08: You may be more aware than ever of something that has been mis... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 04:41:29: I'm importing my livejournal posts into my lit.org blog. This might take awhile. It might not work. But I SO want to wean off lj.
  • 04:41:54: Looks like I was successful! Now, I'm downloading comments fro lj into my lit blog.
  • 04:44:32: It looks like the transfer was complete. Wow. I did it.
  • 06:25:22: Teachings of the Santería Gods: An excerpt: http://bit.ly/d1lb5e via @addthis New blog!
  • 06:25:54: "Teachings of the Santeria Gods" has been pushed up to July 7, 2010. I'm so excited!
  • 06:27:41: New blog. Plus, the release date has been pushed up to July 7, 2010. I'm so excited! http://lnk.ms/83qvy
  • 06:57:37: @ChrisBlackmon You're already up . . . so why not?
  • 07:33:01: It's been awhile since I posted a link, but here it is -- the official newsletter of lit.org. http://lnk.ms/309N3
  • 07:33:13: Majestic | The Official Newsletter of Litdotorg: http://majestic.lit.org/wordpress/ via @addthis
  • 07:56:56: I'm such a geek: I added "twitter tools" to my blog!
  • 08:13:41: Updating my blog is hard work, but fun. I'm looking for guest-bloggers on topics of interest to the Lucumi faith. Interested? Tweet me!
  • 11:19:15: @ChangoBi Now you have me wondering. Email me bstuartmyers AT gmail DOT com.
  • 11:20:15: I just woke up. Doing 2 things: ITI AQ and writing! Awesome day ahead.
  • 11:55:30: @teresaw66 Thank you! I hope yours is wonderful, too.
  • 12:12:37: The Inner Traditions' Author Questionnaire is done. I've filled out SO MANY of those over the years. Now, it's time to take a break!
  • 12:29:31: The first set of interview questions from one of the bloggers on my virtual blog tour just came in! OMG. He wants to know . . . everything!
  • 13:47:20: I just finished answering (rough) the first set of questions for part one of a blog-tour interview. That was hard. Tons of interviews to go.
  • 13:52:08: @InnerTraditions You guys work on Sunday? When do you take a rest?
  • 14:25:49: I'm done networking for the day. Time for a break . . . and THEN some writing. Or maybe another break. I don't know yet.
  • 15:07:00: @WritingSpirit How does one participate in that?
  • 15:08:08: I know what I forgot to do today! I forgot to shower. I didn't do that yesterday either. Too much work to do . . . I need a vacation.
  • 15:16:28: #writechat Like this?
  • 15:44:10: #writechat I like the idea of a writing calendar. I fill in blocks of time where I WILL write. It helps me to stay focused with deadlines.
  • 15:44:39: Are my tweets showing up #writechat
  • 15:49:21: @KarlBimshas #writechat Did you know that publishers hire, at their expense, editors to edit your manuscript once contracted?
  • 15:49:50: @WritingSpirit are my tweets showing up in writechat? I can't tell.
  • 16:35:20: @katelanfoisy You are right. I'm laughing. Shango DOES love women . . . and their breasts.
  • 16:36:04: Another blogger just jumped on board to host me on my blog-tour. FABULOUS!
  • 16:38:45: #writechat I want to do a blog tour for my upcoming book. Any bloggers want to host an interview with me?
  • 17:04:38: @KarlBimshas Editors are like cosmetic surgeons. They rid our writing of wrinkles, but can't change its overall appearance.
  • 19:25:34: Bobby made arroz con leche for Obatala tonight, and I'm making sala eko for Obatala and Oya and amala for Shango. It's an adimu night here!
  • 21:17:19: @katelanfoisy Or Pomba Gira!
  • 21:21:50: @katelanfoisy He loved Pomba Gira.
  • 21:22:19: @katelanfoisy Have you checked out my new blog http://ochanilele.lit.org/wordpress. I'm abandoning livejournal.
  • 21:25:13: @katelanfoisy I pay all that money every month to keep the server, so I might as well use my blog. I might learn new stuff along the way.
  • 21:29:52: @katelanfoisy Did you set up wordpress yourself?
  • 21:35:52: @katelanfoisy I had to go in and do a lot of coding to get it to work with lit.org. Plus I'm always tweaking something.
  • 21:36:13: @katelanfoisy To get my new stat counter to work I had to link it with the page i've never used on wordpress.com itself.
  • 22:09:04: Teachings of the Santería Gods: An excerpt: http://bit.ly/d1lb5e via @addthis Last night's blog in case y'all missed it!
  • 22:11:45: @writersinthesky You are so prolific with your reviews! I'm impressed. I'm constantly reading . . . if only I had time to write reviews!
  • 22:43:19: @PaulaAbdul With all the followers you have you will be reading all night!
  • 22:45:16: "There is a proper time for everything; one must learn to tell when it is time, and when it is not." From the odu Oche Meji (5-5)
  • 22:47:56: @PaulaAbdul Sleep? What's that? With the release of my new book being pushed up 1 month I don't have time for sleep. Working all day today.
  • 23:02:46: @SteveBSanchez In that case I'm changing my name . . . to Hope! ;-)

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