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From Twitter 06-07-2010

  • 01:41:43: Going to bed. Finally. Hold the ones you love close, people. That's all I'm saying.
  • 03:15:30: New blog post: From Twitter 06-06-2010 http://ochanilele.lit.org/wordpress/?p=1026
  • 04:28:31: You should be able to feel the energy surge today which adds t... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 08:15:27: I just woke up. I walked Mio. I have coffee. Oh yeah . . . and somewhere in there I got dressed. Can I go back to bed now, please? Full day.
  • 08:18:23: In case you missed it, I have a new blog. An excerpt from my upcoming book. Check it out! Please? :) http://lnk.ms/83qvy
  • 08:50:05: RT @Papa_Shango: A hacker attack shut down twitter on Thursday.
    Millions of twitterers were forced 2 talk 2 each other the old fashioned ...
  • 10:16:45: When Bobby ends the chaos at my house (Olofin give me strength) I plan to spend the day writing. Why are my god-kids so chaotic sometimes?
  • 10:17:06: Peace and quiet are only an hour away!
  • 10:45:55: Upcoming book by a friend of mine: http://bridgeross.com/mackay.html
  • 10:48:21: Oh yes . . . Bobby had to make his last day here an interesting one. I so wanted to write and relax. Why, Bobby, why?
  • 11:53:05: RT @MasterOlivier: "The Vulcan Neck Pinch is not half as powerful as the Vulcan Groin Kick, but it's more politically correct." ~Spock
  • 12:02:24: Drama over. House quiet. Time to clean, shower, run errands, and try to work.
  • 12:10:36: Now the storms begin. Mio gets anxious during a storm. I can't win.
  • 12:39:37: A goddaughter just called. Her Shango eleke broke. She needs a rogacion; she needs to feed Shango. My evening is gone now.
  • 12:40:37: O.M.G. My godson just got home. No work for him today. So he's hanging around the house now until he leaves tonight. <sigh> Such is my life!
  • 14:54:32: My godson is officially moved out. I'm rearranging the house. No matter what I do with the furniture, it feels so empty. <sigh>
  • 14:55:20: I WISH he hadn't left. He does what he wants to do . . . but . . . I have a bad feeling. I might have to meddle. Do an ebo or spell or . . .
  • 14:55:43: . . . something to keep him safe. I'm always meddling in something. When am I going to learn to stop working magick for other people and
  • 14:55:57: keep my witchcraft for myself?
  • 14:56:50: At least, last night, he asked for a rogacion. FINALLY. Hopefully his head is clear enough to guide him. I hope. I pray.
  • 16:09:02: @katelanfoisy Why? Because I meddle more than Endora on a bad rerun of "Bewitched"?
  • 16:40:19: Finished. I have my office back.
  • 18:02:32: @writersinthesky It should be there soon. They sent out the galley.
  • 18:28:04: I love it when people tell me where they "completed" their education. Even if you have a PhD, education is a life long process.
  • 22:42:47: RT @MoveOn: There's a connection between the oil spill, wet t-shirts, & crystal meth! Watch & Pass On! (VIDEO) http://j.mp/SpillBreakdown

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