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From Twitter 06-15-2010

  • 04:15:54: You are normally inclined to limit your distractions to fully ... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 08:26:46: RT @Earth_News: Guardian: Food prices to rise by up to 40% over next decade, UN report warns http://bit.ly/av8hcf
  • 08:28:12: Three on, one off, three on, and now one off. I have worked 6 twelve hour shifts in 7days,and not one of them was o/t.
  • 08:28:22: And I wonder why I'm tired? Ugh.
  • 09:34:02: RT @IyanlaVanzant: Beloved: Every lesson is a blessing. Some blessings are disguised as lessons. Give thanks for everything- you just ne ...
  • 15:39:39: Bit-by-bit, book reviews are coming in.: http://bit.ly/cUiWyA via @addthis
  • 15:40:14: Professional book reviews are coming in, and they look good! http://lnk.ms/8N5Hh
  • 22:03:46: RT @writersinthesky: @ochanilele Your stories are very well written and interesting.
  • 22:03:55: RT @writersinthesky: @ochanilele I"m on five mouths. Very interesting material in your book.
  • 22:33:23: If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times: There is nothing worse than a summertime cold. YUCK!

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