ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

From Twitter 06-20-2010

  • 04:37:07: Instead of trying to analyze everything over and over, put one... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 12:25:00: @SteveBSanchez Your protein shake most definitely does . . . . oh yes it does! Love the pic.
  • 12:28:34: RT @IyanlaVanzant: Beloved: Whether Responsibilities, Possibilities, Opportunities, you are creating them thought by thought. Create Pow ...
  • 12:30:40: @SteveBSanchez Callbacks are awesome. Break a leg!
  • 13:22:04: @katelanfoisy And i would have run very, very quickly.
  • 16:02:38: @katelanfoisy Kawoooooooo kabiosile Shango!
  • 17:52:28: @SteveBSanchez How can your love life be doomed when so many of us DROOL and PINE over you? You're single because you want to be single.
  • 17:53:19: @katelanfoisy Shango loves your breasts.
  • 17:58:30: A man who had me but didn’t want me now begs for my attention.
  • 17:58:41: A man who wanted me but I ignored won’t give me the time of day.
  • 17:58:52: Somebody taped a white carnation and a get well card to my front door while I was at the doctor’s office.
  • 17:59:04: And NO ONE has come to check on me or bring me chicken soup.
  • 17:59:17: What’s wrong with this picture?
  • 18:13:44: @SteveBSanchez You've just been dating the wrong men. Some of us out here think you're fabulous. (in Florida by the way).
  • 18:14:05: @SteveBSanchez and by some of us . . . i mean ME.
  • 20:46:37: Public records are SO public. Go see: http://ochanilele.lit.org/wordpress/?p=1160
  • 20:47:24: Public records are so public. Here's the warrant regarding the Giant East African Snails. Have a look! http://lnk.ms/9ttys
  • 20:48:42: @SteveBSanchez Are you Catholic? Pray to "Cardidad del Cobre." She loves to find love. Or, pray to Oshun at the river.
  • 20:49:02: @SteveBSanchez I meant CARIDAD del Cobre. Typos suck.
  • 22:57:31: Another day sick, another day with not a single person bringing me any chicken soup. This is what I get after nursing for 15 years. Zilch.
  • 22:58:03: My godfather was right: No matter what, take care of yourself first. <sigh>

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