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From Twitter 07-03-2010

  • 04:42:06: You normally excel at making finely tuned adjustments to your ... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 12:21:58: @OmoObatala It is sad. As a white man worshipping black gods, I pray for them each time I'm in front of my orishas. Maybe Olofin will help?
  • 12:22:52: I wish more Lucumi writers would come out in the open and share their writings. There are so many with so much talent, and they could use
  • 12:23:07: that talent to spread the love and beauty of the orishas through their words.
  • 12:29:43: This has been a short day, but a relaxing day. I got lots done, and now it's time for a nap. The first of 3 twelve hour shifts begins later.
  • 15:07:07: Blog Tour 2010: Part III of the Kenaz Filan interview. http://lnk.ms/8yTNJ
  • 16:40:36: Time to get ready for the real world . . . the world where I have a job and sick people to take care of. Three 12 hour shifts!

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