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From Twitter 07-28-2010

  • 00:36:42: @darrylstephens I look for you everywhere: the sun, the moon, the stars :) Why not Raleigh too?
  • 04:20:09: Someone may be so concerned about you now that they go out of ... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 09:01:41: Today's proverb: Neither mistake the writer for the writing nor the artist for the art. (I came up with that all by myself!)
  • 14:28:02: ‎"What is written is not forgotten," from the odu Osa Irosun. How many patakis can your remember for each odu? And do y… http://lnk.ms/9cgdJ
  • 15:45:19: Lucumi/Spiritual blog ring forming: http://ochanilele.lit.org/wordpress/?p=1505
  • 15:45:48: Lucumi/Spiritual blog rings forming. Please join us! http://lnk.ms/9mqQL
  • 17:41:54: @ricky_martin As an author, I SO agree with that!
  • 17:41:58: RT @ricky_martin: RT @paulocoelho Escribir 1 libro es cmo hacer el amor pero el orgasmo viene cuando el libro llega a las tiendas(Q RICA ...
  • 17:42:12: RT @ricky_martin: RT @paulocoelho Writing a book is lk making luv.But the orgasm only happens whn the book hits the stores(Thank God 4 T ...
  • 17:45:47: 98.1 is playing stuff in English? WTF?
  • 17:46:17: And it's "rude boy" they're playing. Even worse. SO overplayed on the English stations as it is.
  • 18:00:41: RT @writersinthesky: Facing the Tough Stuff: As a published author, I am no stranger to the many ups and downs of the career I am bless. ...

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