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From Twitter 08-03-2010

  • 00:32:00: @JanetBoyer Perfect! Email me off-twitter bstuartmyers AT gmail DOT com
  • 04:29:07: You may be having trouble getting a handle on your spending to... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 08:33:09: @JanetBoyer Got it! I'll answer later tonight. I just got home and I'm brain-dead!
  • 08:34:20: RT @writersinthesky: Building Your Author Platform: by John FayadWhen evaluating your book proposal, literary agents and acquisitions . ...
  • 09:02:29: Someone just told me my book was "bathroom reading." You know you've made it when people read you in the bathroom! ;-)
  • 09:55:54: I did a manual backup of my WordPress blog, and then did a manual upgrade of my WordPress blog. I'm impressed myself!
  • 09:56:08: As with anything techie . . . reading the directions first really helps!
  • 09:57:52: @amandakcampbell It WAS a man. You know how long we spend in the bathroom . . . reading . . . I have 2 books going on in there now!
  • 09:59:27: @YearInWhite Well we need to call it something cute. What do you suggest? A chain? In honor of Ogun?
  • 10:02:06: The most powerful ebo to the orishas is love. Everything else pales in comparison.
  • 11:42:06: @YearInWhite That was so sweet!
  • 12:14:58: Bit by bit my to-do list is going down, but it's still so long. Why are book releases such maddening creatures?
  • 13:43:35: Julie's blog about our recent conversations and thoughts: http://www.julietallardjohnson.com/blog/
  • 14:11:39: @SteveBSanchez Where will you ever find the answers?
  • 14:13:17: And my to-do list gets shorter. I've been up and working 23 hours and 15 minutes. May I go to bed now? Please?
  • 14:43:15: @warrenellis And, really, how DID you know it tasted like that?

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