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From Twitter 08-06-2010

  • 04:31:40: You would prefer that others not lean on you for emotional sup... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 10:34:55: Can't sleep. Doing what I do best -- writing. Writing about the life force that Olodumare gave all creatures, the blood which is the life.
  • 10:36:15: Of course our life's blood was born as a spirit first, and it was this spirit that Olodumare sent into the human form.
  • 10:36:54: eje oruko bale is the name of that spirit, and it was born from Osa Meji. Obatala created the original human form under the influcence
  • 10:37:26: of Unle, but the spirits born of Ogunda, Odi, and Osa are those that enlivened the body, Osa's spirit being that which made it live.
  • 10:37:56: Another example of why Osa Meji, Odi Meji, and Ogunda Meji must be considered together when one of them falls in a reading.
  • 10:38:21: Did that make sense? LoL. I confuse myself sometimes. The human body is a complicated things inhabited by many spirits, not just our ori.
  • 16:49:11: Some of my best creative ideas come when I first get out of bed. I think I need to sleep with a laptop beside me instead of just a book!
  • 16:49:38: RT @paulocoelho: Releasing a new book is like visiting an unknown country, hoping that the locals will understand your soul.
  • 16:50:13: @oficialivyqueen "La Vida es Asi" How true it is!

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