ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

From Twitter 08-09-2010

  • 00:24:10: @ChrisBlackmon Why sad day?
  • 04:24:13: You have come to a crossroads with your intuition telling you ... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 14:42:23: Previewing and editing next Sunday's blog on advanced divination techniques. So tempted to run it early. I have NO patience with my work!
  • 16:28:37: @InnerTraditions I LOVE his work and he MUST do a blog tour. The blogs I've done are suitable for his work as well. I'll share the contacts!
  • 16:30:02: @InnerTraditions I think I'll prepare an ATR promo package for all ITI's ATR authors to follow. It made a huge difference with my book.
  • 22:08:43: I've been writing and networking all evening. Tomorrow is a new day. Now, I'm going to talk on the phone and chill!
  • 22:09:31: @ChrisBlackmon I remember those days. It's sad. But the cast party is always incredible!
  • 22:40:28: @oneandonlylyric Make sure he looks both ways before crossing the street please?

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