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From Twitter 09-21-2010

  • 04:08:11: It hasn't been easy accepting the limitations that have been p... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 12:34:23: I spent all night/morning writing, took a nap, and now I'm cleaning house. So much for a day off! I need a housekeeper!
  • 12:35:48: @JanetBoyer An author not jumping at a self-promotion opportunity? That's just crazy talk!
  • 13:12:28: My "to-do" list keeps shrinking and my email inbox as well. Soon it's back to housework, and later, homework. Busy as always!
  • 17:48:15: @JanetBoyer Hooray! I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year, too. It's a rough month!
  • 17:49:27: @darrylstephens Speaking of books (since you are here) . . . did you have a good read? Please tell me you did!
  • 17:50:30: @darrylstephens But you ARE the only girl in the world! ;-)
  • 17:51:42: @JanetBoyer OoooO I forgot about that. Yes we do need to do the swap. I'll find your email later and hit you up!
  • 17:52:04: @sylviaypayne Yes, I do. Care to volunteer for a position?
  • 17:52:50: @howtobehuge Being a writer is so much easier. No need to do hair and makeup. I can go to work naked and straight out of bed! ;-)
  • 18:01:50: @JanetBoyer I walked away with a 55,000 word rough draft last year that I will finish next year.
  • 18:02:09: @JanetBoyer This year I'm doing a collection of short stories that will connect like a novel.
  • 18:02:40: @JanetBoyer And I'll be working, in school, and finishing another book while I do all that. Ugh. I'm tired already.
  • 18:09:22: @JanetBoyer We'll whine together!
  • 18:42:53: @darrylstephens Awesome! In 12 more months my next one should be out. I'm on a roll. It's another collection of short stories based on
  • 18:43:22: @darrylstephens Yoruba/Lucumi myth. And soon, I'll have my first novel ready to go!
  • 18:43:52: @darrylstephens Haven't YOU written a book? I heard a rumor . . . . (on your facebook page LoL)!
  • 18:45:51: Listen to " Oba Ernesto Pichardo Round Two" hosted by OmoYemaya H2O Netwo on #BlogTalkRadio http://tobtr.com/s/1271255 Call (917)889-7207
  • 18:46:38: @JanetBoyer Deal!
  • 18:47:51: "Show me your credentials! Who are YOU?" Oba Ernesto Pichardo.
  • 19:30:40: @Cazwellnyc Ummm . . . dude . . . that was my wife and she was making me a new pair of socks! ;-) (j/k)
  • 19:40:28: @ChangoBi I'll be right over to smash your tv!
  • 19:55:23: @LATimesNational Wonderful! That just means it's spreading throughout the world. Hooray! (sarcastic here).

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