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From Twitter 09-22-2010

  • 04:07:51: Others may seem elusive today with the slippery Pisces Moon in... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 05:40:07: So the plan is this: run to Walmart and buy printer ink, come home and print out my speech and my analysis sheets, go to my classes . . .
  • 05:40:43: . . . get through my classes, get home by 3:00 PM, and write. I have one chapter to finish of "How the Moon Fooled the Sun."
  • 05:41:00: And then I have one blog interview to do, and I'l attack my homework after that.
  • 05:41:34: At evening's end I'll be doing a rewrite of next week's Creative Writing I workshop piece, and I'll dive into my "gay ghost love story."
  • 05:41:47: I have a full day ahead of me!
  • 07:40:35: Don't worry people -- I have it all under control now (famous last words)! Today will be a very productive day!
  • 08:56:01: I can never, EVER, wear the shirts I want to wear -- thin, silky, breezy -- because my nipples are ALWAYS hard.
  • 08:56:38: They are in a state of continual excitement, and wearing thin t's underneath to try and disguise them only makes it worse.
  • 08:57:01: Maybe I should just get them pierced and REALLY give the world something to see?
  • 15:54:02: I'm home. My nipples stayed hard all day, and visibly so. I hate that. I made a joke out of it in speech class.
  • 15:54:39: It was about managing stress, and I said THIS (pointing to my nipples) is one of my responses to stress! Even funnier . . . . one of the big
  • 15:54:57: breasted women in class showed us hers and said, "Really? Mine too!"
  • 15:55:19: How could I NOT get an "A+" after all that? Which I did, by the way, hard nipples and all!
  • 16:31:16: @amandakcampbell Half the class stood to clap when the 6 minute speech was over. It was AWESOME. I didn't know I was that good!
  • 16:31:41: @amandakcampbell And I owe it all to my constantly erect nipples! They have powers!
  • 16:44:59: RT @cnnbrk: Florida appeals court strikes down state law barring gay men and lesbians from adoption http://on.cnn.com/aVu8S3
  • 18:00:28: Reading "The Damned" by Algernon Blackwood. Gothic at its BEST!
  • 18:02:34: PS: I'm reading it on my NOOK! I've done more reading with that thing than I have in months. I have an unread book everywhere I go!
  • 18:37:32: Finished a thorough rewrite of the opening/closing scenes of my Creative Writing I workshop piece.
  • 18:37:58: Now I'll rewrite the second opening scene and second-to-last closing scene. I'm trying to have perfect balance with this.
  • 18:38:33: A shortcoming of most contemporary short stories is that they never end well. The closings are poorly written and thought out.
  • 18:38:59: Me? I like balanced pieces. The middle can unfold as it may. That's where the conflict lies.
  • 19:41:44: Enough writing. Now I'm reading "My Schizophrenic Life" by Sandra Yuen MacKay.
  • 19:45:53: OMG Sandra put me in her acknowledgements. That was so sweet! Thank you, Sandra!
  • 21:05:37: @ChrisBlackmon Well you know what they say: there's no shit like bullshit, Chris! :)
  • 21:06:26: I realized today that my life had become almost exactly what I envisioned for myself when I was a child: it is a life filled with books.
  • 21:07:12: I read books; I study books; I live among hundreds and hundreds of volumes; and, I write books. Life. Is. Good.
  • 21:08:18: I think my next lover will be a librarian.
  • 21:38:40: @JLo Congratulations!
  • 21:55:59: @lonesomeliz reminded me of a time when, still a child, I thought the moon was following me. In the dark, I took great comfort in that.
  • 21:57:01: Who remembers discovering his shadow as a child? I loved my shadow. It was my very best friend and playmate. I was a strange child, no?

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