ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

From Twitter 09-30-2010

  • 04:13:45: You may be overly self-critical today as the Sun illuminates y... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 08:55:39: I'm up. I'm dressed. I have crystal infused green tea. And I'm writing. What more does the world want out of me today? :)
  • 08:58:34: The ending for Iwereyeye in 6-7 is rewritten. It needs another rewrite, but I'm moving on to the patakis of 6-8. It needs a lot of work.
  • 08:58:50: This manuscript of mine is a cruel master.
  • 12:04:59: The problem with a Lucumi glossary is this: to define one word, you have to define one or two more.
  • 12:05:18: I need a glossary to define words used in one glossary's definitions. Ugh.
  • 12:05:50: BUT this has given me yet another idea for a book to write. It will take me 10 years or so to write this one . . . but it will be worth it.
  • 12:14:22: Time for a nap. I work two more shifts at the hospital before I get a day off.

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