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From Twitter 10-10-2010

  • 04:15:14: You sometimes have a hard time trusting the do-gooders and the... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 15:42:25: Eyin lòrò; Bó bá balẹ̀, fífọ́ ní ńfọ́ (Speech is an egg; if it drops on the floor what it does is shatter)
  • 15:48:20: #writechat If you are honest with your readers and write what you know from the heart, branding is a natural evolution of the process.
  • 15:48:52: #writechat I've been writing for 10 years as "Ochani Lele." I've never thought of myself as a "brand." But after 10 years, publishers and
  • 15:49:14: #writechat readers do.
  • 15:51:55: RT @WritingSpirit: RT @IreneZiegler The Secret to a Successful Book Tour: Get outta the chair & talk to people! http://budurl.com/mbuf # ...
  • 16:46:06: Anti-Gay Torture Case Stuns Bronx, New York, Neighborhood http://t.co/CdMMDqV via @AOL
  • 16:46:50: Brothers and sisters: Watch your backs, and watch out for each other. Things are getting bad out there.

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