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NaNoWriMo 2010 Update

It’s day 4 of NaNoWriMo and I’m only at 5,000 words. To make 50,000 words by the end of the month I should be closer to 7,000. But with all I have going on I’m not worried. I think I’m working at maximum potential right now!

I haven’t touched my project on La Llorona but I’ve been working hard on my collection of short stories, gay contemporary fiction. Bit-by-bit I’m drawing out pieces from my home town of King George, Virginia, and I never knew I had so much to say about that place. I’m also pulling out characters and plots based on the thousands of people, places, and things I’ve known over the years, embellishing these until they become something grotesque (in literary terms) and fascinating, totally unlike the realities upon which they are based. Who knew I had such an imagination? I’m creating brand new worlds on paper!

Also, while reading my short story “The Apple Trees that Bore no Fruit” to Bryan last night, I fleshed out my future plans for contemporary fiction based on the religion and the lives of its adherents. Time and time again we’ve been told that no matter what we do, we relive the patakís of our orishas until we learn the same lessons they themselves have learned. Why is that? Why do we repeat those same mistakes when we have thousands of patakís that tell us about the way they lived and the mistakes they made? Is it because, in this modern age, we really can’t see the relevance of the stories to our lives?

Maybe the plots and characters need to be interpreted into modern literary forms to deepen our understanding. Imagine if each and every patakí, for the sake of art, was explored as a modern literary theme. Would it be easier to learn from them and move on?

I think it would be. So that is going to be my next short story project – wedged in with all my other projects – slowly creating contemporary fiction based on the plots and characters of the ancient patakís. I think it’s one of the many ways to show that these messages are still relevant to our lives today.

Enough rambling. I have work to do!
Ócháni Lele
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