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From Twitter 11-19-2010

  • 05:03:31: Your schedule could get a bit crazy today as the Sun in your 3... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 11:11:17: @SteveBSanchez Do what everyone else does -- sweat pants and sweat shirt with no underwear!
  • 11:11:51: @ChrisBlackmon That's an omen if ever I heard of one.
  • 11:13:25: @darrylstephens That is the power of twitter! I can't wait to see it. You should put the link up on facebook and myspace too!
  • 16:09:12: "How the Moon Fooled the Sun" is over and done. It's been proofread, rewritten, wrapped up and sent to my publisher. Now the wait begins.
  • 16:09:44: Two weeks ago I broke ground on my new manuscript while finishing "How the Moon Fooled the Sun." Time to take a break, and then write that.
  • 17:03:51: @SteveBSanchez I have both. Come on over! ;-)
  • 21:07:25: It's not fair. Just when I discover Four Loko they start taking it off the shelves. If you love me, every one of you will buy me a case!
  • 21:07:45: i NEED my 4 loko. It makes hours of class lectures so much easier to handle! :)
  • 23:01:33: @ricky_martin I used to like your music. Now, after everything I've seen and read about you, I like you as well. You're incredible.
  • 23:41:21: @ChangoBi Preach it on, sister. Olodumare is great!
  • 23:47:31: @leapetra I have 74,000 words and I'm all written out for the month. I SO wanted 100,000.

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