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From Twitter 11-23-2010

  • 05:02:50: You are able to maintain a cool demeanor in most social situat... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 10:58:19: Time to make coffee, drink coffee, make phone calls, and think about cleaning house.
  • 11:03:58: @ChangoBi But with the sweets come the sour <sigh>. Were you afraid when you gave up full time employment for your art?
  • 11:11:39: @ChangoBi OMG yes it does. I just got off the phone with my publisher. They want ANOTHER book from me. I'm so happy!
  • 11:13:05: Making phone calls went rather fast -- but I'm still drinking coffee. Just five more minutes and it's time to start some housework.
  • 11:18:25: @ChangoBi Thank you! So I have one book starting the editing/publishing process and one manuscript I'm writing. It's an exciting time.
  • 11:21:31: Enough coffee . . . wasn't I going to work on giving that up anyway? It's time to clean the house. I have readings tonight. Dust must go!
  • 12:21:02: @amandakcampbell You need a spanking for misbehaving. Where's John? I'm emailing him now.
  • 12:26:54: @amandakcampbell OMG! You are so scandalous! Where did you get that from?
  • 12:58:46: @amandakcampbell We have very good genetics if I DO say so myself! Good cheekbones and lots of scandal a legacy makes!
  • 18:06:30: Wow. I meet the most wonderful people as a diviner. But gosh darn it it's been such a LONG day now. Time for dinner. Sweet Tomatos? :)

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