ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

From Twitter 12-08-2010

  • 05:03:30: Adopting a methodical approach to your life can help you manag... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 10:33:08: RT @SilverRavenWolf: All that glitters isn't gold -- of course not! Its you! So, own it. Acknowledge your pure power and revel in it. ...
  • 10:39:40: Why is the 41 always late? Lynx needs to go to a grid and make this Q15 minutes.
  • 10:52:02: Except for 3 analogs in Brooklyn I have been tobaccov free for 3 months. I can feel the difference. Breathe in . . . Breathe out . . .
  • 10:53:41: @Cazwellnyc sign of overexertion OR very low potassium. Eat bananas and drink OJ today.
  • 10:54:22: @Cazwellnyc now be a good boy and listen to your nurse
  • 10:55:34: @Cazwellnyc Oh . . . If your foot or ankle is swollen go to ER. You fly a lot right? Could be DVT.
  • 11:01:24: @PaulaNiht why?
  • 11:13:36: On my way to final exams. One semester closer to being a college professor. Life is good!
  • 11:18:21: Re-reading comments on a paper I wrote. It's awesome when a professor tells an undergrad he writes at a master's level.
  • 11:19:12: @PaulaNiht well thank you!
  • 11:56:35: @JanetBoyer oh.my.stars.
  • 13:15:06: I seem to have A's in all my classes. How anti-climatic.
  • 13:16:46: @PaulaNiht fabulous
  • 13:17:43: @ChangoBi Not when they are from my blackberry. The keys are too small.
  • 13:18:41: @JanetBoyer She thinks I have a future as a writer! Go figure!
  • 13:23:09: @JanetBoyer You know how the academic world is.
  • 13:25:04: @JanetBoyer I should start doing book reviews. Olofin knows I have the time now.
  • 22:13:01: @Cazwellnyc OMG did you get my tweets about your cramps? Please take care of yourself . . .
  • 22:56:59: Facebook Bullies Charged After Victim Ally Pfeiffer Tracks Them Down Online http://t.co/dl5VzMn GOOD FOR HER!

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