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From Twitter 12-16-2010

  • 01:13:46: @chrispian Actually, with your health history I would like to see you repeat it every 10 years. Unless something has changed since my last
  • 01:14:32: @chrispian inservice on the vaccine, it is only good for 10 years. And vaccines are the ultimate in preventive medicine.
  • 01:14:58: @chrispian So 10 years from now, remind your MD that your vaccine is no good anymore and ask for another shot!
  • 01:16:38: @chrispian Aren't you glad I'm like everyone's mother and father rolled into one? I have a lot of love for you, Mr. Technomage!
  • 01:18:36: I've been reading tweets tonight. I have the most incredible followers. And some of you that I follow inspire me. Please, everyone, continue
  • 01:19:14: to spread your love, your light, and your wisdom. The world can be so dark and lonely, and each of you has so much to share. I'm in awe.
  • 01:48:06: OMG. While trying to write, I fell asleep on my desk. I woke up in a panic thinking I was in class. Enough work--time for bed. Good night!
  • 05:30:05: You may feel a bit uncomfortable today if everything appears t... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6

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