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Reiki: A New Journey Begins


I’ve said it many times, but I’ll say it again – we are all students, you and I, and although we walk towards the same destination in this life, which is death, we take different roads as we go there. Sometimes we take detours on that road, and it’s amazing when you find others just like you are already walking that path.


This past weekend I rediscovered Reiki.


From the healing hands of Kourtnie Nandlal, my goddaughter and co owner of Sacred Space Spiritual Center and Botanica in Holly Hill, Florida, I got my Level III Attunement; and then, with her guidance and instruction, I passed that attunement on to Ashara Watkins, another goddaughter, and the other co owner of Sacred Space. Through the years I have studied Reiki casually. In my youth I received the first few attunements and took basic classes; but, I’ve never felt Reiki, nor have I felt a pull to study it outside the classroom. In spite of my spiritual beliefs I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to all things new age, and I dismissed the practice as something, well, new age. I tend to disassociate myself from anything and everything that is a part of the new age movement.


Something changed this weekend; some strange energy that I can only describe as ethereal went through my body, and when the cleansing process began (we won’t talk about that here) I knew – this was real. Maybe the word ethereal isn’t the right term; the experience was emotional and comforting, like hot chicken soup on a cold winter day, or warm cookies and cold milk before bed. One of the symbols I saw as I received attunement was a tattoo on my instructor’s body; and the colors I saw as I passed on the attunement were seen by the person I attuned, Ashara. She was even moved to give me a gift from the shop, something small and purple, that I’d been eyeing secretly since I first stepped foot in the shop this weekend – an amethyst skull. I’ve practiced reiki on Bryan several times; I’ve seen tiny twinkling lights in the darkness and he saw stars in the night sky. These might seem such small things to anyone else reading, but suddenly, I’m a believer in the practice. And I believe because I can see it; I can feel it.


Skeptics need proof, after all.


Even better: Now that I’m attuned to Level III, I’ve discovered that one of the iconic figures from our own faith, Oba Ernesto Pichardo, is a reiki master and he works with the energy when healing his own godchildren and clients. Reiki is a practice beyond religion, beyond faith, but it’s found a place in his own ministry. In Miami he is teaching classes that involved diloggún, odu, ebó, and reiki energies to diagnose and treat illness.

He’s been on this path for years, and I’m amazed.


So now I’m doing what has always been taught – I’m keeping a reiki journal. Most of my entries will be private; however, many of them will be public here in the blog. If there are other people walking this same path, I invite you to jump into my entries and make your own comments and suggestions. Reiki is no longer foreign to me; but, it is new. And as a student of reiki I am sure that many of you will have a lot to teach me.

Welcome to my journey. Walk with me for a spell, won’t you?


Ilé mocuó!

Ócháni Lele

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