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From Twitter 12-22-2010

  • 00:38:26: I'm on reiki overload. I've become a fanatic. But all that energy just feels so good when it's flowing through me to another. I'm addicted.
  • 00:43:28: Someone told me as a spiritual writer, I must act more spiritual. If it's an act it's not spiritual. I'm me. I'm real. That's spiritual.
  • 00:45:07: @darrylstephens I had a dream about you. "News flash" from the other side -- a huge project is coming your way. Believe! It's yours.
  • 00:46:50: I gave Bryan is Reiki Level I Attunements tonight. After all the reiki I've worked on him, he was practically a vessel anyway.
  • 00:47:16: Since then, we've been finishing each other's sentences, thinking each other's thoughts, and craving the same foods and drinks.
  • 00:47:44: Reiki is just amazing. I wish I could channel this feeling to the entire world!
  • 00:48:56: I might attune him to level I again tomorrow night after he practices his technique on me. And another Level III Master is coming over.
  • 00:49:28: We're going to reiki each other, and then attune each other to Level III again. Healers, like instruments, must be kept in tune.
  • 00:51:10: All this . . . and just a year ago if you'd asked me I would have told you reiki is pure bunk. Now I'm craz about it. Go figure.
  • 00:57:24: @darrylstephens You're just busy! Light a white cande and pray to whatever G-D you believe in to help you manifest. I might send you
  • 00:58:02: @darrylstephens distance reiki to help you manifest. I SO need my favorite gay artist back on the screen on a regular basis. I miss you!
  • 00:58:46: @darrylstephens PS: My next book comes out Sept 2011, and I started the one scheduled for release Sept 2012 AND the one for Sept 2013.
  • 00:59:11: @darrylstephens So you're WAY behind my friend.
  • 01:05:05: @darrylstephens Stupid question -- you don't follow me but you can still see my @darrylstephens tweets? Do they come through on page?
  • 01:15:17: @ChrisBlackmon Are you okay? If you need someone to talk to you can call me. Just so you know.
  • 01:20:10: So many people in such turmoil. Their facebook, myspace, and twiiter feeds are so emotional. I wish I could hug them and make it all better.
  • 01:20:59: @SteveBSanchez When we get you to Orlando I'm going to feed you so much reiki that your soul will get fat!
  • 01:23:04: @SteveBSanchez PS: Got your texts but I've been VERY busy writing. I have 6 more books to read for my annotated
  • 01:23:57: @SteveBSanchez bibliography and a bunch of interviews to do. Going to NY the 29th to 5th and have tons to do before. I'm a mess these days!
  • 01:25:47: @SteveBSanchez AND I'm practicing my reiki on everyone. It feels so good. Like 1000 orgasms all over my body when I channel it.
  • 01:26:39: @SteveBSanchez I see stars and sparkles when the energy moves through me to the patient -- and it's like warm water running through me.
  • 01:27:12: @SteveBSanchez You need to tell me more about your session with your Reiki Master. I'm dying to know.
  • 01:44:50: @SteveBSanchez Some of those might have been totems or spirit guides. Are you keeping a journal of what you experienced?
  • 01:45:22: @SteveBSanchez Later if you get Reiki Attunement, they might make more sense.
  • 01:46:19: @SteveBSanchez My totem animal that came to me through reiki? A black widow spider. I. Was. Shocked. I can kill a man and eat my mate! ;-)
  • 01:47:20: @SteveBSanchez Time for bed. I'll try to call you tommorrow!
  • 05:19:55: You may overanalyze everything you want to say today because y... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 09:28:45: "Those who call “teak leaf” coconut and coconut “teak leaf” are being watched by Olódumare above." Ogunda Unle (3-8)
  • 10:59:48: @davsos Wonderful! I heard through the grapevine you're a iyawo now? What santo did you do?
  • 11:00:50: Spent 1 1/2 hours writing the roughest prose ever. I suppose that's why it's called a rough draft? :)
  • 18:06:37: My advice (if you want it): Don't act like anything -- just be yourself. That way, when you fall out of character you won't be embarassed.
  • 18:07:11: Of course if you're like me, being yourself can be a real embarassment! I have NO social skills!
  • 19:58:08: @SteveBSanchez It would be easier to fold if you got out of bed!
  • 19:59:14: @davsos OMG I had no idea you were her child. How much longer before your iyaboraje is done?
  • 20:51:34: @davsos I have the same road of Oshun!

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