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Random updates

I’ve had no blog entries in awhile so I thought I’d catch everyone up with where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.

I’m not a Christmas person but I am a family person, so Bryan and I invited all my godchildren and his brother over for Christmas dinner. I made one of my oh-so-delicious 25 pound turkeys, mac & cheese, olive oil stuffing, corn, biscuits, and a few other calorie laden treats. Bryan baked his first cake, and Ashara thought him how to frost it. Just having family around was wonderful.

 I spent the next two days cleaning house and freezing leftover turkey to make soups in January. Multiply what you’ve heard about my roasted turkeys twice over and you know how good my carrot, corn, and celery turkey soup is. One bowl has at least two servings of vegetables and all the meat and flavor a man could want. Yum! But I was saving that for January because Bryan was responsible for eating all the leftover turkey not frozen. It took him days.

January 29 I went to Brooklyn to spend the holiday with my two godfathers, Checo and Coqui. I want everyone to know that when I think of what a priest should be, I think of these two men. I’ve known Checo for 11 years now; one year online and ten in person, and I’ve known Coqui ten years in person. The way they were with me when they met me is the way they are with me now; and I’ll admit that I wouldn’t be half the santero I am without their spiritual guidance or teaching. I watch these two brilliant men live this religion from the moment they wake up until the time they go to sleep and I’m in awe. There is nothing they do that is not of the orishas. I am so in love with these men that it makes me crazy, and every day I go down on my knees to Olófin and thank him for the blessing he gave me when he put these two men in my path. Where other godchildren live in nightmares, my soul rests in the sweet embrace of Yemayá, and my godfather cares for me spiritually as if I were his own flesh and blood. That’s love. I hope I always share that with him.

 I went to Zoey’s ocha birthday party in the Bronx. Yes, I was in the Bronx. It was good to see her and her sisters. Zoey was a bit awkward when I first met her years ago, but has changed into a beautiful young lady. I was amazed. Love you, Zoey! 

 New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day was spent with my godfather, Yemayá, Oshún, and Odua. What a wonderful way to end a year and begin a new.

 I received the orisha Orí. Forget what you heard – the orisha was never “lost” in Cuba. The oldest head in our lineage (Armando Franci) who died recently (November 2010) was crowned in 1939. He received Orí in the early 60s. His godson did not have Orí to give to my godfather, so he checked Armando’s libreta just to make sure it was legit. It was. So Orí is alive and well, and now I have it. I’m loving him!

I returned home in Orlando January 5th. On th 6th I answered mail, messages, and ran errands. I did some writing. And then I packed . . . because . . .

I came to Ormond Beach early Friday afternoon. Saturday night there is an agban for Olokun, and I’ll be doing New Year’s readings throughout the day. I go home late Sunday night, and classes start Monday. I have classes everyday through Thursday.

 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I’ll be in Brooklyn again.

And that should bring everyone up to date. When things slow down a bit, I’ll sit down and get back to my regular blogging practices.

Ócháni Lele

PS: While in Brooklyn I taught a Level I Reiki class and gave 3 Level I attunements. That was awesome!

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