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Letter of the Year 2010

My apologies, dear readers. I have been late getting this material up. The following document is the Letter of the Year pulled by the Organizing Comission in Cuba. Dr. David Brown, Ph.D., of folkcuba.com was kind enough to pass it my way. Please, if you read it and have any questions, or if there is anyway I can help you comply with the ebos or a reading of your own, don't by shy. Ask. If you ask nicely, more than likely I will help you! I'm a sucker for people with manners!

Now, here's the reading;

Ifá Predictions for the year 2011
Folkcuba.com Homepage

To the priests of Ifá, to our Brothers the Oriatés, Babaloshas, Iyaloshas and Iworos, and to the
religious community in general.

Following a twenty five year tradition tradition, the Comisión Organized for the Sign of the Year met on the 31st of December, 2010 at the Casa Templo located at #1509 10 de Octubre Avenue, between Josefina and Gertrudis Streets, the Vibora section of the 10 de Octubre Municipality, Havana, Cuba.

This ceremony was presided over by the priest of Ifá Guillermo Diago, Ogbe Weñe, with the support of Ifá priests of all of the familias of Cuba and their descendants around the World; the youngest priest took out the sign.

Reigning Sign: BABA EYIOBE (Double Salvation)
[Witness: Babá Eyiogbe]

Prophecy: Iré Siwayú Oyale Tesi Lese Yemayá (the blessing of prosperity, with solidity and certainty from Yemayá).

Onishé to Oggún: Adimú (a melon cut in half; 7 little machetes are to be put into the rind and 7 little blue flags are to be stuck into the pulp). Otán.

Onishé ará: Sarayeye with a dove at the feet of Oggún, and taking baths with flowers. Otán.
EBBO: 1 duck, cloth of different colors, sea sand, dirt from the house, sweaty clothes, sea water, and the rest of the ingredients.

Reigning Deity: OGGÚN (Patron of blacksmiths and soldiers. Worshipped in the city of Ire and Iyesa in Western Nigeria.

Accompanying Deity: OSHÚN (Deity of motherhood and protector of children. Worshipped in Nigeria especially in the regions of Ijumu and Oshogbo, where the river bearing her name runs.

Flag of the Year: Half green and half black with yellow borders.

The distribution of this document is free and the Commission takes no responsibility for its sale by the unscrupulous, whose motives are mercenary.

1. Brain circulation disorders (embolisms, hemmorages, etc.).
2. Serious respiratory problems (acute tuberculosis).
3. Opthalmological disorders.
4. Bone disorders.

1. Intense drought in the beginning of the year, followed by isolated rain.
2. Deaths of elders and renowned personalities.
3. The dangers of war and conflicts.
4. Increase in sea levels.
5. Commercial openings and the increase of exports and imports.
6. Good conditions for the fishing and marine sectors.
7. The use of mangle rojo and jibá for lung illnesses.
8. The use of White Thistle and French Indigo for good luck.
9. Wash your head with canutillo blanco for neurological illnesses.
10. Coups d'etat or abrupt changes in political systems.
11. The continued danger of war and military interventions.
12. A high increase in deaths of public people (political, intellectual, and religious).

Reform or wholly eliminate old political structures in order to enjoy a new social order. Take care of and make safe elders within the family. Give opportunities to the young within family and social units. Make constant and liberal offerings to Oggún, Yemayá, and Olokun.

Note: Draw from the postive examples (advances) and negative examples (errors) cited in the years 1959, 1989, 1995, 1998, and 2004, where this odu reigned.
Complying with these recommendations, for sure we will enjoy a prosperous 2011.

Dead king, replaced king.
Cascarilla [efún] destroys the power of darkness.
A board from a tree floating in the water looks like a live person.
Young palm trees grow much taller and leafier than old ones.
On the road the foliage is the witness of evil; on the road the foliage is the witness of good. If today we are doing well, tomorrow we'll be lamenting inordinate errors.

Our Commission is grateful to the vast means of communication that make it possible for the predictions of the year to reach every corner of the world.

The Miguel Febles Padrón Commision Organized for the Sign of the Year
wishes you a Happy and Prosperous 2011
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