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Official Advisory from Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye

Background on Richard Couto from A.R.M

Contact: Ernesto Pichardo
Telephone: 305.801.7885

RE: Information of possible hate crime against Cuban Santería

MIAMI-- Photo of subject Richard Couto aka Kudo published in Miami New Times. Those that sell animals are at-risk, also, houses where delivery of animals for religious rites are made. Kudo is an extremist vigilante. He's fundraising according to his published material :To Abuse the people who abuse animals.” Kudo has sufficient personality characteristics to commit a hate crime. He walks around armed with a .45 caliber pistol and owns additional firearms. From early age he has suffered mental instability and has obsession with saving animals. The extremist alleges that Santería adherents kill dogs and cats.

Kudo trespasses private properties without legal authority. The extremist vigilante disguises himself sometimes as woman and takes photos and videos from private properties. He takes the illegally obtained evidence to the State Attorney's office and puts them on Internet defaming Cuban Santería. He has stolen documents and animals from private properties near Hialeah. He admits to be breaking the law and says that it does not matter to him.

To date the affected victims have not wanted file charges for his criminal activity. For that reason, the State Attorney cannot arrest him. The extremist vigilante impersonates as an official/inspector when attempting to penetrate private properties. He's a Real Estate Investor by profession and works for Sterling Equity Realty in Lincoln Road. He owns a motor cycle and light truck. Kudo frequently sleeps in a variety of locations. He has property in Miami Beach. For more background and photo read articles in Miami New Times.

PS: Subject has account in Facebook and Animal Recovery Mission web page. Religious community is at-risk by this armed, dangerous, and lawless person.

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