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Busy, busy, busy

I’ve not blogged much lately, but there are many things happening right now.

I have two basic diloggún classes in session and one advanced diviner’s class in session. All are up and running and all of them are full; however, I do have a new section of the basic divination class opening up on October 1, 2011. You can find the basic syllabus and all the necessary information at this link:


Payment of class fees in full guarantees your seat; but, if you do have special financial needs, email me at bstuartmyers AT gmail DOT com. If you want the class but need to make financial arrangements, I will work with you on an individual basis.

My new book, Diloggún Tales, is coming out two months early. We not only stayed on schedule, but also we moved ahead of schedule. Everyone knows my print-runs sell out fast, so you can preorder your copy now through any online bookseller. Amazon seems to have the best deals, but my publisher gets stock first (of course) and sends out copies first (of course). The link to Inner Traditions’ sale site is here:


Make sure to check out the fantastic authors who have read advance copies and endorsed my work!

I have a virtual blog tour planned, a series of radio shows being planned, and a brick-and-mortar book tour in the works, so stay close to my Facebook page, twitter page, or this blog for full details!

As always, I’m always up to something. Thankfully, it’s not ALWAYS scandalous!

Ócháni Lele

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