ochanilele (ochanilele) wrote,

My first journal entry . . .

It's rather late for me: 8:19 AM, and here I am, the chronic insomniac, wide awake after working twelve hours (7:00 PM to 7:00 AM) on a surgical progressive care unit and writing my first entry in my journal. Where do I begin?

I suppose an introduction is in order. My name is Stuart Myers, although throughout my life, my legal name has changed several times due to birth out of wedlock, my mother's later marriage, my eventual adoption, my search for my roots, and my professional life. And, yes, I am considering yet another legal name change as I enter middle age (I turn 40 this year. Unbelievable!).

Most of my friends know me as Stuart, although my lifetime friends (people I have known since dirt was made) call me by my first name (which I hate, and will not mention here). My Wiccan friends know me as Sín (pronounced "Sheen"), a name I adopted when I was initiated into Gardnerian Wica (yes, I spell it the "Old Guard" way, with one 'c' and not two). I am a mayombero, and there I am known as Tata Nkisi Zarabanda Juticiero (well, my actual name in mayombe is about a paragraph long, but that much I'm not going to reveal). In ocha, I am known as Eguín Lade (I have Obatalá done, and the name means "crown of snails"). And, as an author, I am known as Ócháni Lele -- which is the reason many of you will find this journal anyway.

I live in Winter Park, Florida, which is on the east side of Orlando, Florida. I live in a huge three bedroom apartment with a beautiful man named Bryan (my lover for quite some time now) and two cats, Shiva and Smokey Joe. Bryan is an incredible person; Shiva is an ungrateful bitch (but I love her!), and Smokey Joe is absolutely clueless (but I love him, too). Add a few fish, a few plants, and lots of orisha shrines -- and viola! It's an incredibly happy home.

Besides writing and happily collecting bi-annual royalty checks, I work as a diviner in the Lucumi faith, and as a clinical tech at a local hospital. I am also an on-and-off college student working on both my degree in nursing and my degree in English. These days, however, class is more off than on, but I have promised myself that come the fall, I will be back in class full-time. I already have 143 college credits -- and no degree in sight. I've become a professional student, it seems.

And that wraps it up for my first journal entry. I'm not sure how often I'll update it, but at least it's here. I've started it. After almost a year of pondering this . . . I've finally found the time to begin.

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